Wine always great housewarming gift


Your friends bought a new home and everybody’s invited to the party. What do you bring?

Normally, tradition says bread so the home will never know hunger. Salt so there will be flavor in their life. Honey so sweet times will always be with them.

And wine so they may never go thirsty.

At least, that’s what Jimmy Stewart said in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Anyway, look for a nice bottle around $20. Nothing fancy because this is an informal occasion. Chances are pretty even that it may or may not be even opened that night.

But buy a magnum of wine, which is like two bottles so if the host forgot wine you’re bailing them out.

Now, should you buy red or white? There’s no real answer to that. Buy what you like. Just make sure it’s one that flows easily. Translation – not too complicated. This isn’t a wine tasting where you ruminate what flavors you’re encountering. This is wine that goes with pizza and sandwiches and everybody’s talking because it’s a party.

One suggestion is Whistle Stop Winery that makes fruity wines that aren’t carbonated. They flow freely. Maybe Box Car Black Cherry, Coal Car Cranberry or Steam Engine Raspberry Peach Sangria.

Dessert wines go over well, too. Janemark Winery has some delicious ones. Indeed, all of Southern Maryland’s wineries have something you can give. And, it’s local wine so they’ll feel a connection to their new homeland.

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