Pizza and wine? Why not with these local offerings


Pizza and wine? Of course.

Listen, it’s Friday (or whatever day). You’re tired. You just want a couple slices, turn on the TV and let a glass of wine or two erase the tension of the day. It’s called being normal.

But people often ask do they have to drink red wine because, you know, pizza has red sauce under those four toppings you ordered. The answer is yes. Well, kinda. The wine police won’t slap the glass out of your hand if choosing white, but let’s just say we’re going with red because it’s the familiar way to go.

Now, if it’s just cheese pizza, maybe you want a Chambourcin produced by Fridays Creek Winery or one from Robin Hill Farm and Vineyard.

Pepperoni or sausage might require something with a little more kick. Russell’s Reserve from Robin Hill Farm and Vineyard may be the one for you.

Oh no, you’re one of those people who likes pineapple on your pizza. Well, we admit to doing it once in a while as a Hawaiian pizza with ham. Try a sweet wine. JaneMark’s Winery and Vineyard makes Rougeon, a sweet red with blackberry and cherry.

A white pizza? Oh, how very Californian of you. We’re off to the white wines for this one. How about a Patio White from Fridays Creek Winery?

Barbecue chicken pizza sounds very Southern Maryland. Let’s Go with Old Line Red 2015 from Port of Leonardtown that digs in with Boreaux varietals. Maybe a Jack Rabbit Red from Running Hare Vineyard that is smooth.

And when you’re done eating, well, there’s always dessert. Among our favorites are the Solomons Chocolate Raspberry port from Solomons Island Winery and the watermelon wine from Whistle Stop Winery.

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