Port of Leonardtown Winery seeing red


The bottles rolled off the conveyor belt every few seconds. A year’s work poured into a glass container in just seconds. A cork and label quickly followed en route to filling just one of a mountain of boxes. Sadly, it will be at least six months before the wine reaches your glass.

Some 14,000 bottles of red wine were produced on June 6 by Port of Leonardtown Winery just months after a similar number of white and rose wines were produced. Seven different red wines were corked instead of capped.

“We use a lot more cork versus white wine with screw cap,” POL winemaker Lauren Zimmerman said. “Under cork, it continues to age in bottles.”

The best news is one year from now, another crop is coming that so far has enjoyed perfect growing weather of high temps and low rainfall.

“This year has been beautiful,” Zimmerman said. “The spring was phenomenal. This has been perfect – nice dry, sunny days.”

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