Taste testings find some hits


A perk of this job is trying wines. Something new (at least to me) and different. Every winery has new offerings annually.

I’m a sucker for sweet and dessert wines, which kinda says a lot about me. But, occasionally, somebody convinces me to sample a hearty red. Here are some notes from recent tastings.

Solomons Island Winery

Solomons Chocolate Raspberry Port – You quickly sense the mixture of dense chocolate along with a strong hint of raspberry. A good before- or after-dinner pleasure.

Pumpkin spice – Forgot to write down the particulars of the wine, but what I do remember was the smoothness from start to finish.

The Lilac Blanc will return this spring. Can’t wait to try it.

Port of Leonardtown

Vidalacalo – Winemaker Lauren Zimmerman poured straight from the vat where it’s chilling at 28 degrees. It will be ready this spring. The white just bursts with fruit flavors in your mouth. Might be my favorite wine.

Albarino 2017 – The dry white offers tropical and citrus undertones, but not overwhelming. If you’re in the mood for something light.

Whistle Stop Winery

Steam Whistle Watermelon – Smooth and refreshing. Whistle Stop doesn’t add carbonation to its wine so they flow freely. This definitely is for those who love sweet wine. Great for a hot day.

Fridays Creek Winery

Raspberry wine — They grow the berries by the vines so it local and fresh and usually gone by Memorial Day. Let’s say the explosion of flavor rocks you immediately. It’s berry good.

Robin Hill Farms and Vineyards

Pi’Goat Blanc – I tried it just for the name, which is a fancy way of saying pig and goats which once roamed freely on the farm. Goats still do. Anyway, the sweet rose is blended from Vidal Blanc and Chambourcin. It’s nicely subtle and not overpowering.

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