‘Wine Country’ is Southern Maryland


“Wine Country” starring Amy Proehler and Maya Rudolph was released on Netflix today. A story of six women celebrating one’s 50th birthday with weekend outing. They visit Napa Valley and drink wine amid steady laughter.

Yeah, yeah, I know – Napa. Of course, Napa. And hey, I’ve been to Napa Valley and it’s cool and all, but who has the time or money to go to Northern California for the latest version of the 2004 movie “Sideways.”

Let me first say the movie has a lot of laughs aside nonstop talk of life’s problems. One scene of women trying wine:

“This is good. What do they call it again?

“White wine.

“Love it.”

So how can you create the movie in Southern Maryland? One suggestion – Solomons Island. It’s a big weekend B&B area.

Solomons Island has about 2,500 residents, but along with the warm weather comes the weekend tourists. Located about 90 minutes from Washington, it’s a straight shot down Route 4 to the very end. When you see a big bridge into St. Mary’s County, turn left.

Just 2.3 square miles, Solomons borders the Patuxent River. The island is named for Baltimore businessman Isaac Solomon, who built a cannery after the Civil War.

What’s there to do? Not much. Climb a lighthouse, see a museum . . . well, the whole point is there isn’t much to do aside looking at the water. Maybe drink one night at the Tiki Bar or catch a concert, but otherwise open a bottle of wine and just chill out.

And where do you get this wine? Solomons Island Winery is located at the edge of the parking lot. (You can’t miss it.) Manager Melissa Korando and assistant Lori Van Gorden entertain while they pour and educate. There’s cheese in the cooler in case you want to nibble why sitting outside at sunset over the water.

Now Solomons Island Winery offers its own wines grown across the river as well as French reds. I recommend the chocolate raspberry port for dessert.

After a couple days of wine and water, you’re home in an hour or two instead of a six-hour flight. Wine Country is Southern Maryland.

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